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Enhanced and Selective Photodetection Using Graphene-Stabilized Hybrid Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticles

  • Rishi Maiti
  • Tridib K. Sinha
  • Subhrajit Mukherjee
  • Basudam Adhikari
  • Samit K. RayEmail author


We report the fabrication and characteristics of a novel graphene-Ag0 hybrid plasmonic nanostructure-based photodetector exhibiting moderately high responsivity (∼28 mA/W) and spectral selectivity (∼510 nm) in the visible wavelength. The formation of highly stable Ag0 nanoparticles with an average size of 40 nm is observed within the graphene layers, resulting in n-type doping of hybrid material. The absorption peak of graphene-Ag0 hybrid is redshifted to the visible wavelength (∼510 nm) from the plasmonic Ag peak (∼380 nm) in agreement with the optical simulation results for embedded metal nanoparticles. The study demonstrates the synergistic effect of the graphene-metal nanocomposite, which appears attractive for applications in graphene-based photonic devices.


Graphene-metal hybrid Subwavelength optics Localized surface plasmon (LSP) Finite element method (FEM) Plasmon-enhanced photodetection 



This work is supported by the partial funding from CSIR-sponsored “GBH” and DST-ITPAR-sponsored “GPU” projects. The use of the XPS facility of the Department of Physics, IIT Kharagpur, is gratefully acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Rishi Maiti
    • 1
  • Tridib K. Sinha
    • 2
  • Subhrajit Mukherjee
    • 3
  • Basudam Adhikari
    • 2
  • Samit K. Ray
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsIndian Institute of Technology KharagpurKharagpurIndia
  2. 2.Materials Science CenterIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpurIndia
  3. 3.Advanced Technology Development CentreIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpurIndia

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