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A MIM Filter Based on a Side-Coupled Crossbeam Square-Ring Resonator

  • Shaowu Wang
  • Yan Li
  • Qijiao Xu
  • Shaohui LiEmail author


In this paper, a surface plasmon polarition filter based on a side-coupled crossbeam square-ring resonator is presented and the transmission characteristics of the filter are analyzed by using the finite difference time domain method. The simulation results indicate that the proposed resonator supports multiple resonant modes, and these resonant modes can be adjusted all together by varying the length and refractive index of the outer square ring or partially adjusted by changing the width and refractive index of the crossbeam. By adding two coupled waveguides to the structure, we further demonstrate that a multiple wavelength download filter can be achieved via different coupled waveguides. The proposed structure has potential applications in plasmonic integrated circuits.


Surface plasmon polaritons MIM waveguide Filter 



The authors acknowledge the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 11274219 and 11174304 and the Program of Research Foundation of Shantou University under Grant No. 08005.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsShantou UniversityShantouChina

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