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Broadband Tunable and Double Dipole Surface Plasmon Resonance by TiO2 Core/Ag Shell Nanoparticles

  • Quanshui Li
  • Zhili ZhangEmail author


A design of a TiO2 core and Ag shell spherical nanoparticle is theoretically presented. The nanoparticles display double dipole plasmonic resonance peaks: one located at the ultraviolet range, the other is widely tunable from the visible to the near infrared region. The tunability can be easily controlled by varying the sizes of the core and the shell. The near field patterns of the double plasmonic resonance peaks are analyzed, and the dipole resonance modes for those two peaks are confirmed for the suitable core–shell sizes.


Core–shell nanoparticle Plasmonic Double resonance peaks 


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