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Preparation of Nanostructured Film Arrays for Transmission Localized Surface Plasmon Sensing

  • Young-Seok ShonEmail author
  • Hyung Y. Choi
  • Michael S. Guerrero
  • Chuhee Kwon


This article presents a concise review of preparation methods for transparent nanostructured films, with an emphasis on their current applications in transmission-localized surface plasmon resonance (T-LSPR) sensing. One of the first methods used for the fabrication of transparent nanostructured metal films is a direct vacuum evaporation of thin gold films. Self-induced formations of small gold islands result in transparent nanostructured gold arrays. The most well-established method is a nanosphere lithography developed by Van Duyne. Nanotriangular island arrays with controlled size and optical properties can be fabricated by this protocol. A different nanolithography method known as focused ion beam milling is reported and used for the fabrication of nanohole arrays. Simple assembly of solution-phase synthesized nanoparticles has also been utilized for the preparation of nanoparticle arrays capable of T-LSPR sensing. Lastly, this article also describes a new preparation strategy, in which self-assembly/thermolysis of nanoparticle multilayers is employed to obtain transparent nanoisland architectures on glass substrates.


Nanostructures Metal films Transmission SPR Nanoparticles Nanoislands 



This research was supported by California State University, Long Beach.


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  • Hyung Y. Choi
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  • Michael S. Guerrero
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  • Chuhee Kwon
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