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Thermal spin transfer torque in Fe|Ag|YIG multilayers

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We investigated the thermal spin transfer effect in FM|NM|YIG multilayers using the first principles scattering theory. At room temperature, the spin Seebeck torque T SSE ~ 1:0 μJ/(K·m2) in an Ag|Fe|Ag|YIG multilayer, which is around 40% larger than that estimated from mixing conductance. The quantum effects such as interlayer exchange coupling between FM and YIG could be responsible for the enhancements. Based on the LLG equation, we predict that a temperature bias of ~ 10 K can reverse the magnetic configurations, circularly, in a multilayer at room temperature.


spin Seebeck torque spin transfer torque YIG 



We thank K.X. at BNU for the supports in the calculations, and gratefully acknowledge financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 11274094 and 11174037. X.J. also acknowledges financial support from Henan Polytechnic University with Grant Nos. B2012-021 and T2016-2.


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