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Intellectual property rights protection and recorded music sales—focus on 26 OECD countries panel data


This thesis mainly studies the relationship between intellectual property rights protection and recorded music sales by use of 26 OECD countries panel data from 2000 to 2007. Following Png and Wang (2006), the production equation of recorded music is developed. Meanwhile, the author introduces other independent variables such as per capita GDP, employment rate and R&D, population and economic openness. The econometric methods consist of two way fixed effects method, Arellano-Bond dynamic panel-data estimation and dynamic panel-data estimation, one-step difference GMM (generalized method of moments) by use of Stata 10.0. The findings are as followings: Intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection exerts positive effect on recorded music sales, and the influencing coefficient is at the range of 0.815 to 0.915. Meanwhile, economic openness also has positive influence. The studying results suggest that IPRs protection can reinforce the sale of recorded music, and it is very urgent to enhance IPRs protection.

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Long, X. Intellectual property rights protection and recorded music sales—focus on 26 OECD countries panel data. Front. Econ. China 6, 211–228 (2011).

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  • intellectual property rights protection
  • recorded music sales
  • two way fixed effects method
  • Arellano-Bond dynamic panel-data estimation
  • GMM

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  • L882
  • O320
  • O340