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The special issue “Underground storage of CO2 and energy” in the framework of the 3rd Sino-German conference in May 2013


Greenhouse gas emissions, energy security and sustainability are three of the greatest contemporary global challenges to mankind today. The Sino-German Group of scientists have composed a special issue, which is a collection of diverse quality scientific works, that will try to elucidate the current developments in CO2 geologic sequestration research to reduce greenhouse emission including measures to monitor surface leakage, groundwater quality and the integrity of caprock, while ensuring a sufficient supply of clean energy.

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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Sino-German Centre for Research Promotion in Beijing (a Joint centre of DFG and NSFC) for their financial support of the Sino-German Cooperation Group “Underground Storage of CO2 and Energy”, the 3rd Sino-German Conference and Excursions in May 2013 in Goslar, Germany, and this special issue. We also owe many thanks to all authors and peer reviewers worldwide for these innovative and ingenious contributions assembled as a special issue in this volume for the journal Acta Geotechnica.

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