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Recent advances in ionic liquid-based electrochemical biosensors



Ionic liquids (ILs) have been generally described as molten salts which are composed of asymmetric cations and anions. They exist in liquid state below 100 °C. Both ILs and their composite materials have been widely used in various fields. Attributed to the outstanding properties including the thermal and chemical stabilities, the negligible volatility, the high ionic conductivity, the wide electrochemical window, and the easy design in the construction, ILs have been applied in electrochemical applications including the electrocatalysis, the electrosynthesis, the electrodeposition, the electrochamical devices and sensors. In addition to the application in electrochemical sensors, ILs have also been used in biosensors because of their biocompatibiciy. Here, we review the recent developments for the applicaitons of ILs in electrochemical sensors and biosensors, including the corresponding properties of ILs suitable for electrochemical sensors. Electrochemical biosensors constructed by numorous composites are the emphasis in the review.


离子液体是由不对称的阴离子和阳离子构成的熔融盐,在低于100 °C下它们呈液体状态,离子液体及其构成的复合材料在各个领域中得到了广泛的应用。离子液体本身具有多种优良特性,已经在电化学应用领域得到了广泛的应用,包括电催化、电合成、电沉积以及多种电化学器件及传感器的构筑。基于其良好的生物相容性,离子液体不仅被应用于电化学传感器的构筑,还被应用到电化学生物传感器的构筑。本文综述了离子液体在电化学传感器及电化学生物传感器中应用的研究进展,同时概括了离子液体适用于电化学传感器的优良性能。本文着重概括了由离子液体及其复合材料构筑的电化学生物传感器研究进展。

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