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The effect of nanohybrid materials on the pour-point and viscosity depressing of waxy crude oil


The pipeline transportation of waxy crude oil is a problem both at home and abroad. In this paper, a novel nanohybrid pour-point depressant (PPD) was used to decrease the pour point and viscosity of waxy crude oil. The pour point and apparent viscosity of waxy crude oil was decreased significantly upon addition of the nanohybrid PPD, and the long-term stability of the nanohybrid PPD was superior to that of a conventional ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer PPD. Polarized optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction were used to study the effect of the nanohybrid PPD on the crystallization of crude oil. Addition of the nanohybrid PPD reduced the amount of wax crystals, prevented their aggregation, and reduced the temperature at which the crude oil started to crystallize. The significant effect of this nanohybrid PPD on the pour point and viscosity depressing of crude oil is of great importance for facilitating the safe, efficient and energy-minimized transportation of waxy crude oil.


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Wang, F., Zhang, D., Ding, Y. et al. The effect of nanohybrid materials on the pour-point and viscosity depressing of waxy crude oil. Chin. Sci. Bull. 56, 14–17 (2011).

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  • waxy crude oil
  • pour point
  • viscosity depressing
  • nanohybrid materials
  • crystallization