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∼4.1 Ga xenocrystal zircon from Ordovician volcanic rocks in western part of North Qinling Orogenic Belt

  • Wang HongLiang 
  • Chen Liang 
  • Sun Yong 
  • Liu XiaoMing 
  • Xu XueYi 
  • Chen JuanLu 
  • Zhang Hong 
  • Diwu ChunRong 
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High-precision U-Pb dating by in situ LA-ICP-MS yields an age of 4079±5 Ma for a xenocrystal zircon from Ordovician volcanics of the Caotangou Group in western part of the North Qinling Orogenic Belt. As a result, the North Qinling Orogenic Belt becomes one of a few localities in the world that contain Hadean age records (4276±6 Ma and 4404±8 Ma detrital zircons from Jack Hill of the Yilgarn craton, 4016 Ma Acasta gneisses of the Wopmay Orogeny and Burang quartzite with detrital zircon of 4103 Ma in Tibet). It is also the first report of the Hadean age in Phanerozoic volcanics. The finding of the 4.1 Ga xenocrystal zircon provides not only the geochronological record of the oldest crustal materials in China, but also the condition for further search for rocks forming in the region during the early time of the Earth’s evolution. Thirty-six zircon U-Pb dates from the Ordovician volcanic rocks are subgrouped into seven generations that represent different tectono-magmatic events in the North Qinling Orogenic Belt. Among them, two periods of 0.9–1.5 Ga and 0.4–0.5 Ga are consistent with Mesoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic orogenies, respectively.


North Qinling Orogenic Belt Hadean Zircon U-Pb age LA-ICP-MS 


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