High-accuracy same-beam VLBI observations using Shanghai and Urumqi telescopes


The same-beam VLBI observations of Rstar and Vstar, which were two small satellites of Japanese lunar mission, SELENE, were successfully performed by using Shanghai and Urumqi 25-m telescopes. When the separation angle between Rstar and Vstar was less than 0.1 deg, the differential phase delay of the X-band signals between Rstar and Vstar on Shanghai-Urumqi baseline was obtained with a very small error of 0.15 mm rms, which was reduced by 1–2 order compared with the former VLBI results. When the separation angle was less than 0.56 deg, the differential phase delay of the S-band signals was also obtained with a very small error of several mm rms. The orbit determination for Rstar and Vstar was performed, and the accuracy was improved to a level of several meters by using VLBI and Doppler data. The high-accuracy same-beam differential VLBI technique is very useful in orbit determination for a spacecraft, and will be used in orbit determination for Mars missions of China Yinghuo-1 and Russia Phobos-grunt.

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  • same-beam
  • differential VLBI
  • phase delay
  • precise orbit determination