Real-time intelligent big data processing: technology, platform, and applications


Human beings keep exploring the physical space using information means. Only recently, with the rapid development of information technologies and the increasing accumulation of data, human beings can learn more about the unknown world with data-driven methods. Given data timeliness, there is a growing awareness of the importance of real-time data. There are two categories of technologies accounting for data processing: batching big data and streaming processing, which have not been integrated well. Thus, we propose an innovative incremental processing technology named after Stream Cube to process both big data and stream data. Also, we implement a real-time intelligent data processing system, which is based on real-time acquisition, real-time processing, real-time analysis, and real-time decision-making. The real-time intelligent data processing technology system is equipped with a batching big data platform, data analysis tools, and machine learning models. Based on our applications and analysis, the real-time intelligent data processing system is a crucial solution to the problems of the national society and economy.

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  • batching big data
  • streaming processing technology
  • real-time data processing
  • incremental computation
  • intelligent data processing system