Next-generation innovation and development of intelligent transportation system in China


As an integrated application of advanced technologies such as information technology, system control technology, and artificial intelligence in the transportation field, the intelligent transportation system (ITS) has been regarded as an efficient and effective solution for alleviating transportation issues that are encountered in several countries around the world. In this paper, the development history of the ITS in China is presented, and the problems and challenges faced by the ITS in China in the new normal state are clearly laid out. Three new ITS development requirements in China are then identified, and six development trends and directions are proposed. Through the successful application of the above guidelines, next generation innovation and development of ITS is expected to be realized in China, promoting and supporting the trends of urbanization, motorization, and informationization, which are resulting in fundamental changes in the development of the Chinese society and economy.

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61573106), Project of Beijing Nova (Grant No. Z151100000315038), and Beijing Talent Fund (Grant No. 2016000021223ZK33).

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  • next-generation intelligent transportation system
  • innovation and development
  • integrated trans- portation system
  • traffic management and control
  • artificial intelligence