Ultra-compact tunable graphene-based plasmonic multimode interference power splitter in mid infrared frequencies


In this paper, we propose graphene-based plasmonic multimode interference power splitters with ultra-compact size working in mid infrared range. Further, the arbitrary-ratio 1×2 power splitter with a size of 140 nm×232 nm, where the splitting ratio can be tuned continuously from 1:1 to 100:0, is numerically demonstrated. Meanwhile, the graphene-based arbitrary-ratio 1×2 power splitters with different frequencies and chemical potentials are also investigated. The proposed multimode interference structure with a deep nanoscale footprint might be a fundamental component of the future high density integrated plasmonic circuit or on-chip plasmonic interconnect techniques.

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The authors are grateful to the support by Natural Science Fund of China (Grant No. 61378058), Science and Technology Fund of Quanzhou (Grant No. Z1424009), Fujian Province Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (Grant No. 2015J06015), Promotion Program for Young and Middle-Aged Teachers in Science and Technology Research of Huaqiao University (Grant No. ZQN-YX203) and Project for Cultivating Postgraduates’ Innovative Ability in Scientific Research of Huaqiao University (Grant No. 1511301022).

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  • graphene
  • multimode interference
  • surface plasmon polaritons
  • power splitter
  • plasmonic integrated circuits
  • 082402