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Modulation format independent blind polarization demultiplexing algorithms for elastic optical networks


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We demonstrate a novel modulation format independent algorithm for adaptive blind polarization demultiplexing for elastic optical networks (EONs). We compare the proposed algorithm with traditional constant modulus algorithm (CMA) and radius-directed algorithm (RDA), in terms of performance in PM-QPSK, PM-16QAM and PM-64QAM coherent system, by simulating in back-to-back (BTB) and transmission sceneries. The simulation result shows that the modulation format independent algorithm can achieve universal adaptive blind polarization demultiplexing for PM-mQAM signals and gain slightly better performance in condition of lower optical signal noise ratio (OSNR). Furthermore, we also carry out experiments to investigate the performance of the proposed algorithm in BTB and 800 km transmission scenarios for 16 GBaud PM-QPSK and PM-16QAM. The experimental results demonstrate the conclusion of the numerical simulations.



本文提出了一种调制格式无关的盲偏振解复用算法。 该算法通过对蝶形FIR滤波器输出信号进行坐标变换, 将多模信号变换为恒模信号, 实现滤波器抽头系数自适应更新; 该算法可在未知信号调制格式的前提下对其进行偏解振复用, 因此所提算法与调制格式无关; 该盲均衡算法无需训练序列, 节约频谱资源, 适用于网络流量愈加动态、 多样和不可预测的应用场景; 仿真和实验中分别和CMA、 RDA算法进行对比, 结果证明了该算法的有效性。

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  • PM-mQAM
  • blind polarization demultiplexing algorithms
  • modulation format independence
  • coordinate transformation
  • elastic optical networks (EONs)


  • PM-mQAM
  • 盲偏振解复用算法
  • 调制格式无关
  • 坐标变换
  • 弹性光网络