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Adaptive idling control scheme and its experimental validation for gasoline engines



In this paper, the idle speed control problem is investigated for spark-ignition (SI) engines. To scope with physical model parameter-free control scheme, a nonlinear adaptive control law is proposed for the speed regulation loop. The stability analysis result shows that the idle speed converges to the set value and the estimated parameter converges to an equivalent static value of the intake manifold. Furthermore, the proposed fuel injection control law consists of a feedforward and a simple feedback loop. Finally, the proposed control scheme is validated based on a full-scaled six-cylinder gasoline engine test bench.


本文研究火花点火式发动机的怠速控制问题。对发动机速度调节问题, 提出了不依赖任何物理模型参数的控制方案。稳定性分析结果证明了速度收敛于设定值, 并且参数估计收敛于进气歧管的等价状态值。

同时, 文中还提出了由前馈及简单反馈回路构成的燃油喷射控制率。最终, 通过在一个由六缸发动机构建的实时控制实验台架上实施的实验验证了所提出方案的有效性。

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61304128).

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Correspondence to Jiangyan Zhang.

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Zhang, J., Gao, J. & Shen, T. Adaptive idling control scheme and its experimental validation for gasoline engines. Sci. China Inf. Sci. 60, 022203 (2017).

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  • SI engine
  • idle speed control
  • adaptive control
  • Lyapunov design
  • model-based design


  • 火花点火式发动机
  • 怠速控制
  • 自适应控制
  • Lyapunov设计
  • 基于模型的设计