Variable thrust directional control technique for plateau unmanned aerial vehicles



In order to increase the lift force of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in plateau areas, the UAV is commonly equipped with high span chord ratio wings. However, it may decrease the maneuverability of the aircraft, and thus increasing the risk of flight in complex terrain regions. Thrust vector control is a direct force flight control technique, which enhances the maneuverability and introduces the residual of the flight control system. In this paper, we develop a novel variable thrust direction mechanism, which provides the normal propeller UAV with the capability of directional force control. We propose a combinational flight control strategy for the newly developed UAV. Simulations and real flight test demonstrate the performance of the proposed technique in increasing the maneuverability of the conventional propeller UAV.


本文针对采用普通螺旋桨为推进动力的无人机变推力轴线控制技术开展研究, 在不改变无人机主要结构的基础上, 提出通过发动机与机体之间安装伺服机构改变螺旋桨发动机的推力线, 从而实现无人机的直接力/力矩控制。本文还进一步, 提出了变推力轴线与气动舵面的混合控制策略, 实现了螺旋桨推力分量与舵面气动力的协同工作。仿真和飞行试验表明本文所提出的变推力轴线无人机及其控制方法能够提高无人机在高原地区的机动性能。

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  • unmanned aerial vehicle
  • thrust vectoring control
  • combination control
  • plateau application
  • propeller engine


  • 无人机
  • 推力矢量控制
  • 混合控制
  • 高原应用
  • 螺旋桨引擎