Sampled-data feedback and stability for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems based on characteristic modeling method



In this paper, we investigate the tracking problem for a class of second-order uncertain nonlinear systems using sampled-data output feedback. Our controller is designed based on the characteristic modeling method. We first derive the corresponding characteristic model and then give the sampled-data feedback control law, which is referred to as “golden-section adaptive control based on characteristic models”. The closed-loop system is shown to be stable and, concurrently, it is demonstrated that the tracking error can be made arbitrarily small by taking a sufficiently small sampling period. Our results improve upon the findings of previous work by removing the persistent excitation condition, and also lay certain theoretical foundations for practical applications of golden-section adaptive control.



本文研究了一类二阶非线性不确定系统的位置跟踪控制问题. 基于特征建模的思想方法,给出了一种输出采样反馈控制律—基于特征模型的黄金分割自适应控制. 证明了该控制律与原系统构成的闭环系统稳定, 并且该控制算法能够保证输出跟踪误差足够小. 该结果改进了已有研究工作中需要持续激励条件这一弊端, 为黄金分割自适应控制的工程应用提供了理论依据.

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  • uncertainty
  • nonlinear system
  • characteristic model
  • golden-section adaptive control
  • sampled-data feedback


  • 不确定性
  • 非线性系统
  • 特征模型
  • 黄金分割自适应控制
  • 采样反馈