An on-line calibration hydrophone with electrostatic actuator



On-line sensitivity calibration of hydrophones is of considerable significance for their practical application. An on-line method using an electrostatic actuator is proposed in this paper for a radially polarized cylindrical piezoelectric hydrophone. The theory of this calibration method is analyzed. A calibration structure with an electrostatic actuator is designed, and is integrated with the hydrophone sensing element. The sensitivity and frequency characteristics of the electrostatic actuator are measured experimentally. The sensitivity of the hydrophone is calibrated and compared with its free-field sensitivity. Uncertainty analysis shows that the expanded uncertainty of the proposed calibration method is about 1.1 dB at a confidence probability of 95%, which meets the uncertainty requirements for hydrophone sensitivity calibration.



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  • underwater measurement
  • hydrophone
  • on-line sensitivity calibration
  • electrostatic actuator
  • uncertainty


  • 水下测量
  • 水听器
  • 在线灵敏度校准
  • 静电激励器
  • 不确定度