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Virtual Strategy QoS routing in satellite networks


Satellite network users want to unify different satellites to enhance the quality-of-service (QoS) stability of the satellite networks and select feasible paths through different networks to feed different applications. Unfortunately, the state of affairs is that different applications need to use several different application programming interfaces and to design different protocols on how and when to use a specific network. This is troublesome and error-prone as the application programming interfaces vary a lot. In this paper, we design a Virtual Strategy in satellite network based on which a QoS routing service scheme is then proposed. We analyze why applications should use and benefit from Virtual Strategy. This Virtual Strategy is a middleware solution that enables seamless usage of services from different satellite network parts. And then, the supporting QoS routing solution enables the committed QoS services over Virtual Strategy. Finally, we provide a comparison between the previous satellite networks and our work. The simulation results show that our Virtual Strategy QoS routing scheme demonstrates dominated performances under complex architecture.


卫星网络联合不同的卫星节点共同为用户提升 QoS 服务, 并为不同服务要求的应用选择不同的合适路径。 遗憾的是, 不同的应用经常需要使用不同的应用编程接口, 也需要设计特定的协议控制在何时、 通过何种方式使用特定的网络模块。 而应用编程接口的多变性使得上述问题非常复杂和易错。 本文设计和部署了卫星网络虚拟策略, 并在此基础上提出了相应的 QoS 服务策略。 作为一个中间策略, 虚拟策略无缝地调用卫星网络不同部分提供的服务, 对 QoS 路由的支持也提供了在虚拟策略基础上满足 QoS 服务的能力。 仿真结果表明虚拟策略 QoS 路由策略在复杂卫星网络结构背景下展现出较大优势。

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  • satellite network
  • QoS services
  • Virtual Strategy
  • middleware
  • routing scheme