Sufficient and necessary conditions for global stability of genetic regulator networks with time delays



This paper is concerned with the global stability of the nonlinear model for genetic regulator networks (GRNs) with time delays. Four new sufficient and necessary conditions for global asymptotic stability and global exponential stability of the equilibrium point of GRNs are derived. Specifically, using comparing theorem and Dini derivation method, three weak sufficient conditions for global stability of GRNs with constant time delays are proposed. Finally, a general GRN model is used to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed theoretical results. Compared with the previous results, some sufficient and necessary conditions for Lyapunov stability of GRNs are proposed, which are not seen before.



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  • genetic regulator networks
  • time delay
  • global asymptotic stable
  • global exponential stable
  • comparing theorem
  • Dini derivative
  • 012202


  • 基因调控网络
  • 时滞
  • 全局渐近稳定
  • 全局指数稳定
  • 比较定理
  • Dini导数