Principal basis analysis in sparse representation



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    “基元频率”准则适合于在非正交超完备空间(超完备字典)上的主元分析, 它也是稀疏信号的一个重要特征。

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    “稀疏信号主元分析”方法将信号的“能量集中特性”、“稀疏表达特性”和“基元高频率特性”集中于稀疏分解框架, 从而在抑制强噪声的同时有效地保留弱信号细节。

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 60872131). The idea of the principal basis analysis presented here arises through a lot of deep discussions with Professor Henri Maître at Telecom-ParisTech in France. We are also grateful to Prof. Didier Le Ruyet at CNAM in France for many fruitful discussions.

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  • 稀疏表示
  • 超完备字典
  • 主元分析
  • 噪声抑制
  • 信息提取