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Competitive access in multi-RAT systems with regulated interference constraints



Deployment of multiple radio access technologies (RATs) at the same cell site enables the system to flexibly support different types of devices and services. Such multi-RAT systems call for an efficient utilization of the system resources as well as simplified management. In this paper, we take a user-centric approach and let each individual user equipment decide its own access strategy in a multi-RAT system with regulated interference constraints. The formulated problem is a generalized Nash equilibrium (GNE) problem. We show that there always exists a GNE but its uniqueness is not guaranteed. A closed form solution is provided to characterize a special class of the GNEs. We then propose a primal-dual algorithm with detailed convergence analysis for computing a GNE. The proposed algorithm may have practical implications in the design of multi-RAT systems.



在同一小区站点部署多种无线电接入技术能够灵活地支持不同类型的设备和服务, 但在这种多无线接入系统需要解决系统资源的有效使用和简化管理问题。 本文从用户的角度出发, 让每个用户设备决定自己在带有干扰约束的多无线接入系统的访问策略, 将该研究问题建模并抽象成一个广义的纳什均衡问题。 本文证明了广义纳什均衡点的存在性和非唯一性, 并对一类特殊的广义纳什均衡点给出了闭式解, 在此基础上进一步提出一个原始对偶优化算法并对其收敛性做了详细分析。 本文的分析研究和提出的算法对下一代移动网络多无线接入系统的设计具有极大启发意义。

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  • 5G
  • multi-RAT systems
  • multiple access
  • distributed algorithms
  • generalized Nash equilibrium


  • 第五代移动网络系统
  • 多无线接入系统
  • 多接入
  • 分布式算法
  • 广义纳什均衡