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Real-time electromagnetic transient simulation algorithm for integrated power systems based on network level and component level parallelism

  • Published:
Science China Technological Sciences Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The analysis and simulation of power system are becoming more and more challenging as the complexity of system topology and components has been increased. In this paper, a hybrid parallel algorithm is proposed for the real-time electromagnetic transient simulation (EMTS) of integrated power systems containing multiphase machines. The proposed algorithm is composed of a novel network partition method called component level parallelization and the Multi-Area Thevenin Equivalent (MATE) method, which extends the flexibility of the network partition in parallel simulation. Moreover, several methods are developed to enhance the efficiency of the communication and computation. Power systems with up to 410 single-phase electrical nodes and 336 switches are simulated in a time step of 50 μs to validate the proposed algorithm.

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