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pH Dependent plasmon-driven surface-catalysis reactions of p,p′-dimercaptoazobenzene produced from para-aminothiophenol and 4-nitrobenzenethiol



In this paper, we studied the pH dependent plasmon-driven surface-catalysis (PDSC) reactions of p,p′-dimercaptoazobenzene (DMAB) produced from para-aminothiophenol (PATP) and 4-nitrobenzenethiol (4NBT) both theoretically and experimentally. The surface enhanced Raman spectrum (SERS) of DMAB produced from PATP and 4NBT on Ag films in solutions with various pH values has been measured. The simulation and experimental results indicated that the pH dependence of PATP appeared in acidic environment and came from the amino group NH2. Furthermore, the ratio of intensity of Raman peak caused by PATP and DMAB indicated that this acidic sensor had higher pH sensitivity when it was excited by photons of higher energy.


plasmon-driven surface-catalysis pH senor SERS 


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