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Tuning periodicity of polymer-decorated carbon nanotubes

  • WenDa Wang
  • Eric D. Laird
  • Bing Li
  • LingYu Li
  • Christopher Y. Li
Articles Special Issue · In Honor of the 80th Birthday of Professor WANG Fosong


Carbon nanotube (CNT) is one of the most extensively investigated nanomaterials. Patterning soft matter such as liquid crystals and polymers on CNTs could potentially enable various applications for CNTs. We have demonstrated that controlled polymer crystallization using CNTs as the 1D nucleation sites can lead to periodically functionalized CNTs. Here we show that selected crystalline block copolymers can be periodically decorated along CNTs. This facile technique opens a gateway to periodic patterning on 1-D nanomaterials.


polymer crystallization carbon nanotube block copolymers 


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  • Eric D. Laird
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  • Bing Li
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