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Table 2 Summary of OER Perception Studies

From: Open educational resources and college textbook choices: a review of research on efficacy and perceptions

Study N completed student surveys N completed teacher surveys Summary of results
Petrides et al. (2011) 45 31 Cost was cited as an important factor for both teachers and students. Two-thirds of students preferred using OER instead of traditional textbooks
Feldstein et al. (2012) 315 N/A Approximately two-thirds of students strongly agreed or agreed that they preferred the OER digital content to traditional textbooks
Pitt et al. (2013) 126 N/A 79 % of students reported overall satisfaction with the quality of the OER, with 17 % undecided and 4 % dissatisfied
Gil et al. (2013) 150 N/A 40 % of students said the OER resource was equal to non-OER, 45 % favored OER, 15 % favored non-OER
Hilton et al. (2013) 910 20 83 % of students believed the OER supported their work in the course and 78 % would recommend OER to classmates. Half of the instructors said OER was of equal quality as traditional texts, with 33 % favoring OER and 17 % favoring traditional textbooks
Lindshield and Akhiri (2013) 198 N/A Both online and face-to-face students had favorable perceptions of the OER flexbook. Students reported that they strongly preferred using the OER instead of purchasing a textbook
Bliss et al. (2013a) 132 11 Approximately 50 % of students said OER had the same quality as traditional textbooks; 41 % said OER were superior. 60 % of instructors reported students were equally prepared with OER; 30 % said they were better prepared. All instructors said they would be very likely to use open texts in the future
Bliss et al. (2013b) 490 58 Approximately 50 % of students said OER textbooks had the same quality as traditional textbooks and nearly 40 % said that they were better. 55 % of teachers reported that the open materials were of the same quality as the materials that had previously been used, and 35 % felt that they were better
Allen and Seaman (2014) N/A 2144 Only 34 % of U.S. college faculty surveyed were aware of OER. Of those that were, 62 % said that OER materials had about the same “trusted quality” as traditional resources, with 26 % favoring traditional resources and 12 % favoring OER. 68 % said the “proven efficacy” of OER and traditional textbooks were about the same 16.5 % felt OER was superior and 15.3 % traditional resources were superior
Total 2366 2144 In general, a strong majority of students and teachers believe that OER are as good or better than traditional textbooks