Advances in Spinal Fusion Strategies in Adult Deformity Surgery

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As the frequency of adult deformity surgery (ADS) continues to increase, our understanding of techniques that enhance fusion must continue to evolve because pseudarthrosis can be a serious and costly event.


We sought to conduct a review of the literature investigating techniques that can enhance outcomes of ADS.


Two databases were searched for keywords such as “advances in spinal fusion,” “new technology in adult spinal deformity,” “interbody devices for adult spinal deformity,” “adult spinal deformity rods,” and “screw design in adult spinal deformity” to examine recent literature and trends in ADS.


We identified 45 articles for our review. Topics studied include the use of multiple rods, interbody fusion, distal fixation techniques, and bone morphogenetic protein or iliac crest bone graft.


Many recent innovations in treatments to enhance fusion in ADS have been studied, some more controversial than others. Further research into the efficacy of these techniques may increase fusion rates in ADS.

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