Time to Persevere

HSS Journal® has now embarked on its 16th volume. We are excited by the success we have had thus far but are aware of several challenges that lie ahead. The world of biomedical publishing has undergone rapid change, most notably in the expansion of online and open access journals and the increased costs of print publication. Many journals are responding to this sea change with transitions to more online content, including videos, blogs, and other social media posts, and in many cases charging authors for submission of their work.

These innovations have forced an existential dilemma upon our editorial board. How best do we survive and adapt to this changing environment? Should we change the nature of our journal? Or should we persevere with our mission of providing a space for publication of current and original work representing the field of musculoskeletal medicine and surgery?

I am pleased to report that 2018 was a terrific year for HSS Journal. We enjoyed the highest number of submissions in our history. This allowed us to exercise a more critical process for acceptance. Readership was impressive, with over 450,000 full-text downloads through PubMed Central. Our virtual impact factor has risen to 0.9, suggesting the material in the journal is now ever more frequently cited by others. This demonstrates that the journal remains an increasingly important resource for members of our field throughout the world.

Volume 16, Issue 1 continues in that vein, with primarily original articles addressing many current and controversial topics, encompassing sports medicine, minimally invasive spine procedures, and the economic forces affecting the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

I am eager to report that we plan to persevere and preserve our journal’s current mission and format and am gratified that our editorial board supports it as well. We continue to provide a forum for publication that benefits a diverse pool of authors and readers.

Best wishes for a productive new year. I pledge to promote and preserve the value of our journal for all in our field.

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