Repair of a Proximal Hamstring Rupture in a 14-Year-Old Patient: A Case Report


Proximal hamstring tendon ruptures are rare in children and adolescents. The typical pediatric hamstring injury pattern involves an apophyseal avulsion fracture. We present the case of a 14-year-old male with a widely displaced ischial avulsion fracture and a bony fragment that was too small to allow for bony fixation. The patient presented with left-buttock pain and ecchymosis, as well as tenderness at the ischial tuberosity, following an injury sustained while running 2 weeks prior. Imaging demonstrated an avulsion of the proximal hamstrings with a 4-mm bony fragment, too small to allow for repair. The patient underwent primary repair using two 3-mm suture anchors. The bony fragment was not excised but incorporated into the repair. Although most proximal hamstring injuries in children and adolescents are treated non-operatively, operative treatment may confer a small but clinically important difference in rates of healing and return to play in adolescent athletes. This case demonstrates successful treatment of a proximal hamstring rupture with suture anchor fixation, which may be considered for pediatric and adolescent displaced avulsion fractures when the bony fragment is too small to allow for bony fixation.

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  • proximal hamstring
  • ischial avulsion fracture
  • adolescent
  • pediatric
  • suture anchor repair