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Point-of-care Ultrasonography in Orthopedic Management of Hemophilia: Multiple Uses of an Effective Tool

  • Hortensia De la Corte-Rodriguez
  • E. Carlos Rodriguez-MerchanEmail author
  • Víctor Jimenez-Yuste
Review Article


Even in our current era of hemophilia prophylaxis, articular complications can arise and there is a growing need for strategies in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hemophilic arthropathy, a significant contributor to disability in patients with hemophilia. One useful tool, point-of-care ultrasonography (POC-US), offers diverse diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. This article reviews the literature on the uses of POC-US in hemophilia, including early diagnosis of joint damage, differential diagnosis of articular pain, follow-up of joint injury, and guidance for both arthrocentesis and intra-articular injection. Studies show that for patients with hemophilia, POC-US enhances diagnostic accuracy and targeted treatments. Further research is required into the most efficient use of POC-US and the training needed to develop clinicians’ skills. The attributes of POC-US should be understood more fully to enable its widespread application.


hemophilia ultrasonography point-of-care arthropathy 


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  • E. Carlos Rodriguez-Merchan
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  • Víctor Jimenez-Yuste
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