A Fond Farewell

It is hard to believe we have reached the final issue of HSS Journal® for the year 2017. This issue completes Volume 13. Once again we have prepared an issue that reflects the breadth and diversity of our specialty. I direct your attention to the article by Urban and his colleagues. They report on the incidence of cardiac events after elective orthopedic surgery at a high volume, urban academic teaching hospital. They noted that in the year of observation 20% of patients undergoing elective procedures could be identified as having predictable risk for peri-operative cardiac events and that 1.2% actually developed evidence of cardiac ischemia. Posterior spinal fusion as a procedure was found to carry a higher risk for myocardial ischemia when compared to total hip or total knee arthroplasty. In my opinion, this study re-emphasizes the importance of assessing and understanding the risk of cardiac injury from elective orthopedic surgery. I consider this an article of universal interest.

I want to take this moment to announce that Natanya Gayle, who has served as the Managing Editor of HSS Journal for the past decade, will be leaving HSS to pursue her doctoral studies in Public Health at the University of Maryland. Natanya has been an outstanding editor and colleague. She has worked with admirable dedication to ensure the growth of the HSS Journal as a trusted resource for our readership. She has been an outstanding partner to all of us on the editorial staff. Please join me in congratulating her on her achievements and wishing her the greatest success in her future studies.

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