Conversion of Glenohumeral Fusion to Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Scapulothoracic Pain: Case Report and Surgical Technique


There are several references in the hip and knee literature that mention converting fusions to a prosthetic total arthroplasty, but similar reports of total shoulder arthroplasty after glenohumeral fusion are lacking. The indication for conversion of a glenohumeral arthrodesis to a total shoulder arthroplasty is persistent periscapular pain refractory to conservative treatment. The purpose of the following article is to describe the preoperative plan and surgical technique in the conversion of a glenohumeral fusion to a total shoulder arthroplasty in single case of protracted scapulothoracic pain.

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  • glenohumeral arthrodesis
  • total shoulder arthroplasty
  • scapulothoracic pain