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Sciatic Neuropathy: Case Report and Discussion of the Literature on Postoperative Sciatic Neuropathy and Sciatic Nerve Tumors

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Sciatic nerve injury and dysfunction is not an uncommon cause of lower extremity symptoms in a musculoskeletal practice. We present the case of a man who presented with lower extremity weakness, pain, and cramps, and was initially diagnosed at an outside institution with bilateral S1 radiculopathies and recommended for spine surgery. He came to us for a second opinion. Electrodiagnostic testing revealed an isolated sciatic neuropathy and the patient was referred for imaging, which showed a sciatic nerve sheath tumor. Review of the literature on sciatic neuropathies shows that there can be many possible etiologies of sciatic nerve dysfunction, but that hip arthroplasty continues to be the leading risk factor. Sciatic nerve tumors are not commonly described in the literature and their definitive management remains unclear.

Key words

Sciatic nerve Lumbar radiculopathy Electrodiagnostics Electromyography Nerve tumors 


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