Bone Morphogenic Proteins: Applications in Spinal Surgery


The prospect of predictable and reliable oseteogenesis without the need for secondary bone grafting to treat a wide spectrum of spinal disorders is tremendously appealing. Recombinant human bone morphogenic proteins (rhBMP) have been the subject of extensive basic science, animal, and clinical research as a potential therapeutic modality to promote bony fusion. Animal studies and prospective, randomized clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of rhBMPs as an adjunct or substitute to autogenous bone graft in the specific treatment of certain spinal conditions. The future role of rhBMPs in spinal surgery applications remains to be determined and will be dependent upon future investigations evaluating 1) the efficacy in a variety of spinal conditions and environments, 2) the optimal dose and delivery system, 3) the long-term safety profile (immunogenicity, antibody formation), and 4) the cost effectiveness of these therapeutic growth factors.

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