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Review of Husband, C. and Y. Alam (2011), Social Cohesion and Counter Terrorism

Bristol: Policy Press, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-84742-801-1, 259 pages, £21.99 (paperback)
  • Theo GavrielidesEmail author
Book Review

The organic concept of “cohesion” seems to have been approached by British policy makers as a list of ingredients that certain individuals—particularly faith and minority groups—need to have in order to be successful in baking the ‘Britishness cake’. Moreover, both the academic and public debate on what is really needed in the fight against extremism has not been particularly honest while certain policies and practices seem to have been more the reaction of “moral panic” than based on evidence. So, a book that addresses key issues of policy, research and practice on cohesion and counter-terrorism is welcome indeed.

Social Cohesion and Counter Terrorism is a report of a qualitative research project that was carried out in the five metropolitan authorities of the Association of West Yorkshire Authorities (AWYA). This was a follow up study of Alam (2006). The book is divided into six chapters.

Chapter 2 aims to provide an introduction to the development of community cohesion policy in...


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