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Corruption and the Secret of Law: A Legal Anthropological Perspective

Edited by Monique Nuijten and Gerhard Anders. Ashgate, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK. 2007, ISBN-13: 978-0754671107, 234 pages, US$99.95 (Hardcover)
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Book Review

In spite of its poorly chosen title, Corruption and the Secret of Law has some pleasant surprises to offer its readers. Its editors, Monique Nuijten and Gerhard Anders, have collated the contributions of a dozen anthropologists and sociologists interested in the hidden connections between corruption and the law. All but two of them had participated in a panel on “Corruption and States of Illegality” during a 2004 conference on ‘Law, Plural Society and States of Illegality” in Fredericton, Canada.

Corruption and the Secret of Lawpresents several ethnographic studies dealing with corruption’s so-called hidden connections with morality and the law of the nation-state. However, the editors are so intent on revealing these hidden connections that they end up obfuscating the obvious and definitely blatant connections between corruption, the law and good governance. They declare that “there is more to corruption than the mere transgression of rules governing the conduct of public official”...

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