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Appreciation to Reviewers

With this issue, the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (JBHS&R) concludes its 48th year of publication. I am very grateful to all of the authors, reviewers, and JBHS&R Editorial Board members for their exceptional contributions to this peer-reviewed publication, particularly during this COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

Editing and publishing a scholarly peer-reviewed journal is an amazing as well as complex initiative that involves working with a critical mass of fascinating, highly creative, well-educated, and very productive assemblage of superb individuals. Certainly, the JBHS&R could not exist without the manuscript authors, the JBHS&R Editorial Board members, and the Ad Hoc External Manuscript Reviewers.

At this time, I would like to recognize and express my profound appreciation to the many individuals who continue to support this scholarly publication: Mr. Chuck Ingoglia and Ms. Mary Johnson at the National Council for Mental Wellbeing; Ms. Katherine Chabalko, Mr. Bob Darnowsky, Mr. Arene Ligo, Mr. Genesis Obero, Mr. Soren Malpass, and Ms. Sara Yanny-Tillar at Springer publishing; Dr. Mario Hernandez, Dr. Ardis Hanson, Ms. Sarah Sheffield, and Ms. Kimberly Menendez at the University of South Florida; and the academic and institutional libraries who have electronic access to the JBHS&R.

This scholarly publication is committed to publishing applied services research, services delivery, policy, and implementation science manuscripts in behavioral health (including alcohol, drug use, and mental health) services. The ability to improve the quality of the manuscripts published in the JBHS&R is largely dependent upon the strength of the double-blind peer-review process. Manuscript referees provide the JBHS&R with an immeasurable wealth of expertise and willingness to volunteer their time and vivacity on behalf of the JBHS&R. Therefore, I especially would like to thank and express my deepest appreciation to the individuals listed below, all of whom kindly reviewed at least one manuscript submitted to the JBHS&R during 2020–2021.

Bruce Lubotsky Levin, DrPH, MPH


Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

University of South Florida

Melissa Abraham

Martha Aby

Christina Aivadyan

Becci Akin

Alexandra Albizu-Jacob

Paige Alitz

Erica Anderson

Cynthia L. Arfken

Dan Aune

Melissa Azur

William Bane

Jim Banta

Emily Baton

Rachel Battaglia

Christy L. Beaudin

Astrid Beigel

Vivian Bell

Sean Bennett

Rosalyn M. Bertram

Casey Bohrman

Jason E. Boye

Benjamin Brady

Eileen Brennan

Laura Brennan

Eric J. Bruns

Donna L. Burton

Linda M Callejas

Jeff Capobianco

Humberto López Castillo

Melody Chavez

Johnson Chun-Sing Cheung

Beomyoung Cho

Joy Chudzynski

Michael Clarkson-Hendrix

Mariah Coe

Sara Coffey

Donna Cohen

Edlin Garcia Colato

Erin Comartin

Joseph Comaty

Alexander Cowell

Lee A. Crandall

M. Lynn Crismon

Gracelyn Cruden

James J. Dahl

Bruce R. DeForge

Maridelys Detres

Ann Dirks-Linhorst

Karyn Dresser

Michelle Duda

John Encandela

Richard A. Epstein

Noe Erazo

Ekom Essien

James H Ford

Carrie Fry

Dainelys Garcia

T. Freeman Gerhardt

Affan Ghaffari

Brent J. Gibbons

Paul B. Gold

Amy L Green

Catherine Greeno

Christine E. Grella

Keri J. Griffin

Ardis Hanson

Eric R. Hardiman

Indira Harris

Linda Henderson-Smith

Michael Hendryx

Cole Hooley

Laura Hume

Heidi Israel

Siavash Jafari

Vandana Joshi

Jamie Kammer

Jody Kamon

Lourah Kelly

Suzanne Kerns

Vanessa V Klodnick

Derrick Kranke

Marsha Langer Ellison

Thomas LaPorte

Mary Jo Larson

Xiaoxue Li

Robert Lucio

Ami Lynch

Michael Anthony Mancini

Stephanie Marhefka

Joe Marrone

Jason Matejkowski

Dennis McCarty

Colleen E McKay

Charles Mendez

Kimberly Menendez

Christopher G. Mitchell

Norma Mtume

Hans Oh

Howard Padwa

Vierne Placide

Esra Polat

Michele Preyde

Scott E. Provost

Jason Raines

Sharon Reif

Vestena Robbins

Craig S. Rosen

Monica Rousseau

Deborah Scharf

Claudia Sellmaier

Amanda Sharp

E Mackenzie Shell

Rachel Shelton

Prabin Shrestha,

Monica Simmonds

David Sommerfeld

Christina Studts

Faye S Taxman

Judith L. Teich

Melba Hernandez Tejada

James M. Topolski

Jennifer Tran

Lacey Tucker

Enya B. Vroom

Neal Wallace

Christine M. Walrath-Greene

Wendy Ward

Suzanne Wenzel

Svetlana Yampolskaya

Michael Yogman

Anna Zamora-Kapoor

Huaiyu Zang

Amanda Zavodnick

Hui Zhang

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