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Table 7 Resuming table on the potential of LCA for managing CRM and supporting resource policies and required methodological developments

From: Potential of life cycle assessment for supporting the management of critical raw materials

LCA step Potential of LCA in the management of CRMs and for a resource security policy Required methodological developments of LCA
Life cycle inventory The existence of inventory data for thousands of processes may help the identification of the presence of CRMs within the supply chain related to a product and to a sector. Enlarging the coverage of CRM flows in LC inventories;
Expanding availability of datasets for CRMs.
The concept of spatial differentiated resource inventory could be particularly interesting for managing CRMs in supply chains.
Life cycle impact assessment LCA can be used in the methodologies for the identification of CRM in order to assess the environmental risk related to raw materials;
LCA can be used to evaluate environmental performance of potential CRM substitutes.
Redesign of the resource depletion impact category;
Integration of quantitative metrics with relative and qualitative assessments.
Normalization and macroeconomic based LC indicators Data on normalization, referring to actual rate of resource consumption, may be used to evaluate CRMs supply and demand trends. Expansion of data availability for CRM in the LC indicators databases.
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