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Shahid Yusuf and Tony Saich, China Urbanizes: Consequences, Strategies, and Policies

(Washington, D.C.: The World Bank, 2008), 213p. $25.00 paperback
  • Shannon May
Book Review

At a time when the Olympics have drawn the world’s eyes to the spectacle of rapid urbanization in China, Shahid Yusuf and Tony Saich’s edited volume admirably addresses the consequences of the multiplicity of policy decisions and human migrations that form the foundations upon which China’s new urban spaces are built. Joining a rapidly burgeoning literature on urbanization in contemporary China, China Urbanizes sets itself apart from such recent works as Chinas Urban Space (2007), Urbanization in China (2007), Urban China in Transition (2008), and The Concrete Dragon (2008) by putting aside Weberian prescriptions against a normative view, and taking the present path of China’s urbanization not simply as a condition to be documented, but as a condition that may—and should—be altered. Imagining China’s National Development and Reform Commission, for which early drafts of chapters were originally prepared, as the audience of the volume makes China Urbanizes a fascinating read.

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