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Yuezhi Zhao, Communication in China: Political Economy, Power, and Conflict

Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., Lanham, 2008, 384 pp, Hardback, $85.00, Paperback, $29.95
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Book Review

Yuezhi Zhao’s follow-up to her 1998 book, Media, Market, and Democracy in China: Between the Party Line and the Bottom Line(Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 1998) problematizes the development of China’s communication infrastructure and its relationship to economic reforms. It historicizes the nexus between the Chinese state, society, and communications and delineates the evolving class dynamics, which follow the government’s rationalization of authoritarian rule with the adoption of liberal reforms. The Chinese party-state has reinvented and tightened its control of the system at the same time “transformed it into a pivotal site of market-oriented development” (p. 12). The marketized provision of media and culture, from watchdog journalism to popular TV dramas and Internet chat rooms, which the party-state both propels and restrains, and the residual leftist inclinations and various socialist discourses of the new and old left, Professor Zhao argues, constitute the...

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