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International entrepreneurship: a bibliometric overview


The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the academic research on International Entrepreneurship (IE). To accomplish this, an exhaustive bibliometric analysis was carried out, involving a bibliometric performance analysis and a graphic mapping of the references in this field. Our analysis focuses on journals, papers, authors, institutions and countries. To perform the performance analysis, the work uses a series of bibliometric indicators such as h-index, productivity and citations. Furthermore, the VOS viewer to graphically map the bibliographic material is used. The graphical analysis uses co-citation, bibliographic coupling and co-occurrence of keywords. The results of both analyzes are consistent among them, and show that the USA is the most influential country in IE research as it houses the main authors and institutions in this research field. Moreover, is observed and expected the continued growth of the field globally. Our research plays an informative and complementary role as it presents most of the key aspects in International Entrepreneurship research.

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Baier-Fuentes, H., Merigó, J.M., Amorós, J.E. et al. International entrepreneurship: a bibliometric overview. Int Entrep Manag J 15, 385–429 (2019).

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  • International entrepreneurship
  • Bibliometric analysis
  • H-index
  • Mapping science
  • VOS viewer