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It is a great pleasure to publish this Special Issue of the Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal (ESPR) dedicated to the 6th International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management (WWEM-22), 5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering (GreenChem-22) and 22 International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Technology (GEET-22), held in Rome, Italy, from 20th to 29th July 2022.

These were the sixth, fifth, and second editions of a series of biannual academic conferences aimed at creating an international forum for researchers and scientists worldwide to discuss new results regarding the soundest issues related to Water, Waste, Green Chemistry, Green Energy, and Environmental Technologies.

Over 330 communications from 27 countries attended these conferences, including 181 posters, 150 selected oral communications, and six plenary talks. Most presentations were based on high-quality original works covering various conference topics.

This Special Issue is dedicated to “post-Covid trends and new insights for the physicochemical and biological treatment of wastewaters and soils.”

As conventional treatment processes cannot remove some micropollutants such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products (emerging contaminants), these pollutants are increasingly being detected at low levels in water and soils. In this connection, this Special Issue discusses different technologies to remove this chemical or biological contamination, including other environmental aspects such as photocatalytic hydrogen production, eco-friendly construction materials, ecological indicators of environmental pollution, microplastics in marine feed and food, particulate matter (PM) and VOCs remediation in the urban environment, biomass valorization, support catalysts for CO2 capture, and methanation.

This Special Issue includes some of the selected papers presented at these conferences. The papers that successfully passed the reviewing process of the ESPR journal are now published in this Special Issue. A relatively short number (about 10) of selected and exciting papers are presented here.

As Guest Editors, we would like to express our cordial gratitude to all Organizing and Scientific Committee members, mainly thanks to the Conference Chairs, Prof. Dr Luis Miguel Minhalma and Prof. Dr Ana Maria de Matos Charas (in GEET-22), Prof. Dr Jose Alcides Silvestre Peres (for GreenCHEM-22) and WEEM-22 Co-chairs, Prof. Dr M. Victoria López-Ramón, and Prof. Dr Manuel Sánchez Polo.

Also, we would like to thank Technical Secretariat Mr. Javier L. and, of course, all the authors for their contributions, the invited speakers for their state-of-the-art plenary presentations, the reviewers for their comprehensive and timely reviewing of the papers, and our sponsors for their unconditional support.

We would also like to express our special thanks to ESPR Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Philippe Garrigues for their efforts in realizing this Special Issue, particularly to their valuable assistants, Ms. Florence Delavaud and Giulia Marinaccio. Without her valuable support, this Special Issue would never have been published.

We hope to see you all again at the next edition of these conferences, planned for the second fortnight of July 2024 in Lisbon (Portugal).

Thanks and best regards,