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IoT technologies in smart environment: security issues and future enhancements


IoT plays an important role in the overall development and advancement of the country as it is the key ingredient for the development of the smart environment. IoT is a network of physical objects, devices that contain embedded technologies such as sensors, controllers, etc., which can sense, communicate, and interact with the system to carry out desired operations. The advancement in technology over the past years has provided a new era for computational processing and sensing to facilitate the vision of a smart environment. Researchers have put several efforts to use IoT to facilitate our lives. This paper purposes on an integrated smart environment using IoT. Various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, garbage collection, security issues, sensors, etc. are discussed along with the key technologies including RFID, IP, EPC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee. This paper will provide a complete insight into the one who wants to research in the field of IoT. It also highlights the unprecedented opportunities brought by IoT-based technologies to human life. Finally, we have discussed the future enhancements in IoT.

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Availability of data and material

All relevant data and material are presented in the main paper.


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The authors are grateful to Department of Information and Communication Technology and Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Technology, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, for the permission to publish this research.

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