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Spent mushroom substrate combined with alkaline amendment passivates cadmium and improves soil property


As an extremely toxic metal, cadmium (Cd) is readily taken up by most plants. In situ Cd passivation is of great importance to reduce Cd availability in soil. In this experiment, two alkaline amendments, lime (L) (at a dosage of 0.02%, 0.04%, or 0.08%) and biochar (B) (at a dosage of 0.5%, 1%, or 2%), were used to improve Cd passivation by spent mushroom substrate (SMS) in a simulating Cd-contaminated soil (0.6 mg kg−1). Results showed that the application of SMS alone reduced Cd bioavailability by 44.80% and EC by 9.71% and increased soil pH by 0.61 units, CEC by 25.32%, and soil enzymes activities by 17.11% to 21.10% compared with non-amendment Cd-contaminated soil. Biochar combination enhanced the efficiency of SMS on Cd reduction by 48.32–66.58% and pH increased by 0.17 to 0.59 units and enzymes activities elevation by 5.74% to 47.29% in a dose-dependent manner. Lime also facilitated SMS to passivate Cd by decreasing bioavailable Cd by 63.10%–66.47% and increasing soil pH by 0.25–0.72 units and enzymes activities by 3.28% to 37.86% compared to those of SMS. Among six combined amendments, SMSB3 (0.5% SMS + 2% B) performed best in reducing bioavailable Cd (39.46% higher than SMS), increasing organic matter content (28.54% higher than SMS) and soil enzyme activities (25.82%, 47.29%, and 26.23% higher than that of SMS for catalase, urease, and invertase, respectively). Both biochar and lime can assist SMS to passivate Cd and improve soil property, and biochar is more efficient than lime in reducing cadmium content and increasing enzyme activity and organic matter.

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This research was financially supported by the National Key Research Project of China (Grant no.: 2017YFD0801104).

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