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Tramadol abuse among workers in an industrial city in mid-Nile Delta region, Egypt

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Tramadol abuse is an increasingly alarming phenomenon among Egyptian Community especially among workers and drivers. Study profile and factors affecting tramadol abuse among industrial workers in Mid-Nile Delta Region. A cross sectional study among minibus drivers, construction and textile industries workers. From each target group 300 males were chosen randomly. The total sample size was 900 persons. Interview questionnaire was used for data collection. Diagnosis of tramadol abuse was according DSM-5 Criteria. Intake of tramadol was high among construction workers (92.3%) followed by bus drivers (53.0%) and lastly textile workers (25.3%). The main source of tramadol was friends (45.4%) followed by drug dealers (16.6%). The main reason of abuse was to improve mood (54.3%) followed by relief of pain and help to continue work (37.3%). Tramadol is prevalent among industrial workers due to different reasons related to the work load and stressful events. Ever intake of tramadol was high among construction workers followed by bus drivers and lastly textile workers. Drug testing for workers in workplace is a must to ensure community safety.

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