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Adsorption of a textile dye onto piaçava fibers: kinetic, equilibrium, thermodynamics, and application in simulated effluents

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This research was conducted to evaluate the methylene blue dye adsorption by piaçava fibers. The effects of adsorbent amount, pH, kinetics, equilibrium, and thermodynamics were analyzed, as well as the adsorbent performance in the treatment of synthetic textile effluents. The adsorbent characterization was also performed. Experimental kinetic data were fitted with pseudo-first-order, pseudo-second-order, and Elovich models. The equilibrium tests were done at 298, 308, and 318 K, and the models of Freundlich, Langmuir, Redlich–Peterson, and Sips were used. The adsorption was favored using 0.025 g of adsorbent, pH 10, and 318 K. The Elovich model provided better fit to kinetic data. The equilibrium experimental points were well represented by the Sips model. The maximum experimental adsorption capacity of methylene blue dye was 427.3 mg g−1. It was verified a spontaneous, favorable, and endothermic adsorption. Piaçava fiber was a promising low-cost material to be used for color removal in effluents containing methylene blue.

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The authors would like to thank CAPES (Brazilian Agency for Improvement of Graduate Personnel) and CNPq (National Council of Science and Technological Development) for the financial support.

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