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Table 1 Large-scale mining companies’ production and mineral reserves in Liberia

From: The mining sector of Liberia: current practices and environmental challenges

Mine/company MDA/agreement Production Type of mineral Ore grade Mining method Estimated reserves
Nimba Range/ AML 2005;
25 years
5.1Mt ore Iron ore;
hematite, magnetite
65–69% Fe Open pit 417 Mt
Bong Mines/China Union 2009;
25 years
0.70Mt ore Iron ore;
35–45% Fe Open pit 290 Mt
Putu Range/PIOM 2010;
25 years
Mine development Iron ore;
itabirite, goethite
45% Fe Proposed open pit 4.5 Bt
Bomi, Bea, Mano/WCL 2011,
25 years
Iron ore;
51% Fe Proposed
Open pit
563 Mt
Kokoya/MNG 2004;
25 years
619.48 Koz Au Gold 3.54 g/t Au Open pit 1.84 Mt
Bea Mt./Aureus 2002;
25 years
2376.45 Koz Au Greenstone
4.17 g/t Au Open pit 8.7 Mt
  1. Source: MLME, 2010; Mineral and Mining Law, 2000; LEITI Report, 2016; US Geology Survey Mineral Year Book, Liberia-2013; African Aura Mining Inc., 2010a, p. 8
  2. AML ArcelorMittal Liberia, WCL Western Cluster Limited, PIOM Putu Iron Ore Mining
  3. Mt million tonne, Bt billion tonne