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Photocatalytic oxidation of selected gas-phase VOCs using UV light, TiO2, and TiO2/Pd


Heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation systems using titanium dioxide (TiO2) have been extensively studied for the removal of several volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The addition of noble metals such as palladium on TiO2 may improve photocatalytic activity by increasing charge separation efficiency. In this work, palladium was impregnated on TiO2 and the efficiency of the new catalyst was tested and compared with that of pure TiO2. Pd was impregnated on TiO2 by the reduction method, using NaBH4, and was characterized by XRD, XPS, UV–Vis, and H2 chemisorption. The photocatalytic tests were performed in an annular coated-wall reactor using octane, isooctane, n-hexane, and cyclohexane at inlet concentrations varying from 100 to 120 ppmv. Compared with pure TiO2 film, the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 impregnated with 1 wt% of palladium was improved. All the aforementioned analytical techniques confirmed the presence of Pd incorporated into the structure of TiO2, and the conversion rates were studied in a broad range of residence times, yielding up to 90 % or higher rates in 40 s of residence time, thus underscoring the relevant contribution of the technology.

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