Environmental Science and Pollution Research

, Volume 22, Issue 11, pp 8075–8093 | Cite as

Remediation of nitrate-contaminated water by solid-phase denitrification process—a review

  • Vaishali AshokEmail author
  • Subrata Hait
Review Article


The paper presents a compilation of various autotrophic and heterotrophic ways of solid-phase denitrification. It covers a complete understanding of various pathways followed during denitrification process. The paper gives a brief review on various governing factors on which the process depends. It focuses mainly on the solid-phase denitrification process, its applicability, efficiency, and disadvantages associated. It presents a critical review on various methodologies associated with denitrification process reported in past years. A comparative study has also been carried out to have a better understanding of advantages and disadvantages of a particular method. We summarize the various organic and inorganic substances and various techniques that have been used for enhancing denitrification process and suggest possible gaps in the research areas whi'ch are worthy of future research.


Denitrification Solid phase Autotrophic Heterotrophic 



The authors are grateful to Mr. Shashank and Miss Isha Medha for grammatical corrections and helpful feedback while framing the document.


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